[Final Hour of a Storied Age] NaNoWriMo Outline

I ran through the plot generation process a few more times, since I wasn’t completely sold on my Unbalanced Scales plan. I abandoned several because they weren’t any better than the one I had, but last night I generated one that seemed to have promise and I just finished generating a 50 chapter outline from it. It’s got 128 scenes, and I think I ought to be able to turn that into an 85000 word novel.

Here are the seeds:

Learning Love Mountain Ice Ambition Rich: A man wishes to transform himself so he can withstand the brutal conditions at the top of the mountain to access the fabulous wealth that is hidden there.

Family Sea Corruption Small Belief Prophecy: A family of pirates blithely ignores an ancient prophecy.

New Responsibility Sword: A boy comes of age and is presented a sword, a badge of office for his new responsibility.

Gold Ring Lies Fire Inherit Old Blood: A recently married man must admit that his relationship is a sham, for he feels the fire of the Old Blood, passed down for generations.

Large Rich Sea Family Prophecy Ring: A seagoing merchant clan has acquired a ring which may be mentioned in an ancient prophecy.

Crown Sword Old Division Forest Farm: A swordsman who serves the crown polices the old division between forest and farm.

Inherit Throne Ice: The crown prince is lost in the icy wastes.

The pirate is the protagonist, the ambitious transformer is the antagonist, the recently married man and the policing swordsman are supporting characters.

I felt a connection between the antagonist’s effort to “transform himself” and the idea of “Old Blood”, and decided that the magic of the setting will be the ability to transform into animal forms. Since the antagonist wants to acquire this power I start with the assumption that is isn’t widespread and in fact has mostly been stomped out. Related to that, there’s a lingering conflict with the unusually intelligent animals of the forest that the swordsman defends the kingdom against. The protagonist, a pirate, would clearly value freedom and stuff, so the antagonist can threaten that best by wanting to enslave everyone. So, the antagonist’s plot will be about forcing the animal transformation magic on everyone, becoming the alpha male of the kingdom, and forcing everyone to submit to him. The protagonist will have to get the ring from the merchant clan, then accept his role as the chosen one of prophecy, and then face off against the antagonist. The swordsman wants to fight to defend civilization from the animals. The recently married man wants to fully commit to his animal form and lead the forest animals to have free reign over the surrounding farmland.

The working title is “King of Beasts”.

I’m feeling pretty good about this, so I’m about 95% sure this is the project I’ll be working on for NaNoWriMo. I haven’t decided if I should post the full outline or not.



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