[Final Hour of a Storied Age] Hypothetical Play

Design is pretty much at a standstill until I can get some more playtesting done. I posted a request for playtesters at The Forge, Story Games, and RPG Geek, but haven’t gotten any response yet.

One of the goals of my game is to produce stories that fit within the Epic Fantasy genre. Since that’s also the genre I tend to write fiction in, I think it would be a useful marketing angle to have a novel written based on a plot generated by my mechanics. NaNoWriMo is coming up, and (if I can finish the editing on my first novel before it starts) I want to participate this year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start with an outline that I generated from my game’s mechanics. I ran through the situation generation yesterday, and these are the seeds I’ve got so far:

Large Summer Underground Corruption Belief Greed: “Sun-worshipers are suffering a magical plague that subverts their minds to worship gold.”

Poor Lies Ice Star Farm Duty Noble Throne: “The tax collector has used the coming of the Ice Star to extort money from the peasants without interference from the age-addled king.”

Hate Star Corruption Small Ambition Belief Responsibility Division: “Believing that the corruption of the dawn star is a symptom of spiritual sickness, the prince wishes to grant independence to the conquered provinces.”

Poor Blood Power Ambition Mountain Ice: “A commoner seeks power in the icy peaks.”

Male Poor Belief: “Males are incapable of achieving the spiritual enlightenment needed for priesthood.”

Interestingly, the tax collector seed is the Protagonist and the independence-granting prince is the Antagonist. The obvious way to go would be to make the oppressed farmer the protagonist, but I’m trying to see if I can figure out how to make the tax collector into the protagonist. I find the mind-warping plague to be somewhat interesting, and I’m thinking of making the sun-worshipers into lizard-people (who are cold-blooded and therefore need to sun in order to function, but the gold obsession is a traditional “dragon” trait, so maybe the magical thing is transforming them into dragons…). “Gold” and “transformation” just scream alchemy to me, so I think that’s going to be the basis for magic in the world. The lizard people are presumably the residents of the conquered provinces, and granting them their independence would reignite a war that might destroy humanity.

I still need to plot everything out and write the outline to see if there’s enough meat for a novel-length story. There is definitely some interesting stuff in there, though. It’s probably a bad idea for me to put so much weight on one writing project (i.e. hit the NaNoWriMo constraints and make it work as marketing material for my game) but that’s the path I’m headed down right now — assuming I finish the editing on my first novel, which I should be doing now instead of writing blog posts…


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