[Final Hour of a Storied Age] New Title

[EDIT] The most up to date versions of the game can be downloaded here. [/EDIT]

A draft of Final Hour of a Storied Age: A Roleplaying Game of Epic Fantasy is available. It’s the same as my 0.3 draft of Trilogy, but with a new title.

Final Hour of a Storied Age is a GM-less, no-prep, short format game (the goal is that the entire story should be playable in one session). It is inspired by my love of the epic fantasy genre in literature. A lot of RPGs try to achieve an epic fantasy feel by copying the setting of an established epic fantasy property (either by licensing it or filing off the serial numbers), but these seem to frequently fail at the goal of reliably delivering “epic fantasy” of the kind that you see in novels. I approach the problem from the reverse direction: my mechanics generate a starting situation and plot for an epic fantasy story, and then the setting details are built up around that, just like the experience of reading (or writing) an epic fantasy novel.

I think the design has a lot of interesting ideas in it, but I still need help playtesting to work out some kinks. I would love to get some playtests going over Skype. (Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at dan.maruschak@gmail.com if you’re interested in participating in any playtests)


One Response to “[Final Hour of a Storied Age] New Title”

  1. (This is Wil) Creating and populating the word is awesome. This is a great take on Epic Fantasy. The star chart is epic. I love it how one player is the antagonist and another is the protagonist, it really throws apart the classic idea of the party.

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