More thoughts on a new title

As I mentioned, I’m working on a new title for my Game Chef game: Trilogy: An RPG of Epic Fantasy. I was thinking about trying to tie it more strongly into the idea of stories or legends. One idea was to do “Lorekeeper of _____”. I sort of liked that, but there’s something that doesn’t feel right about it. Right now, however, the leading idea is:

Final Hour of a Storied Age

On one hand, I really like “storied” since my game is very much about collaborative story building. On the other hand, playing with double meanings like that might be very cheesy. The other problem is that ending the title with “Age” might be too reminiscent of Vincent Baker’s In a Wicked Age. Some of my mechanics were inspired by IAWA and I don’t want to risk coming across as too derivative. The “Final Hour” part helps to key in on the idea that the epic fantasy stories generated by the game are about determining whether the new age will be an age of darkness or not.

I’ll need to sit with this idea for a while to see if I really like it or not, but right now that’s the leading candidate for the new title.


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