Need a new title…

I found out in this thread over on Story Games that Stephen Bretall and Greg Bretall wrote an RPG called Trilogy for Jake’s Awesome Fantasy Contest. They want to develop further and so do I. It doesn’t make sense to try to compete over the name, even though I’ve been getting pretty attached to Trilogy, so I’ve got to come up with something new.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it would be nice to have a title of the “The ____ of _____” pattern, but I haven’t come up with anything good yet. Right now I’m looking at the words: Turn, Cycle, Wheel, Change, Seasons, Tide, Sweep, Age, Epoch, World, Doom, Era, Eon, Time, Juncture, Hope, Destiny, Crux, Essence, Heart, Hour, Trial, and History. I’d like something that evokes the idea of a turning of ages, or a dramatic change in the world. Epoch has some interesting possibilities since the definition is:

1. a particular period of time marked by distinctive features, events, etc.: The treaty ushered in an epoch of peace and good will.
2. the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of anything: The splitting of the atom marked an epoch in scientific discovery.
3. a point of time distinguished by a particular event or state of affairs; a memorable date: His coming of age was an epoch in his life.

But “epoch” sounds a lot like “epic”, and I’m not sure that works. I’m also not liking “Epoch” as a standalone word title, the way I liked Trilogy.

edit: I’m considering “Axis of Ages” now. Axis has potential, since I want to be evocative of turning points, but the WWII connection is a big downside.

edit2: Maybe “Tides of Hope and Sorrow” or “Cycle of Hope and Sorrow”

edit3: Maybe “Seasons of Hope and Darkness”


5 Responses to “Need a new title…”

  1. What about using “triptych” as a replacement for trilogy?

  2. That’s the problem with one-word titles: they’re obvious, so they’ve probably been used, unless they are a made-up word or compound. You need multiple components for a better chance of avoiding a cliché.

    What you might want to do is stick to the patterns “The ___ of the ___” or “The ____ ____” and make one of the words a unique compound word, or split it into a two-word phrase. Something like “The Everunfolding Saga” or “The Champion of the Emergent Return”. The latter suggests “the eternal return“, which is a very old concept that sort of fits your intent.

  3. @Leo: The “3” stuff wasn’t really strong in my game, I was using Trilogy mostly for the literary connotations, so I’m not really feeling Triptych for this particular game. It’s a cool word, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @Talysman: I’ll think about using compound words, although they frequently sound a bit cheesy to me. The heavy hitters in the literary genre don’t tend to use them: The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, The Sword of Truth, A Song of Ice and Fire. Maybe I’m getting too hung up on that, because I’m mostly just obsessing about how great a phrase “wheel of time” is for epic fantasy concepts, but with that out there “wheel of ____” is pretty much off the table (especially since Burning Wheel is already pretty dominant in the Wheel-related-RPGs category…). Compound words might help me tie it tighter to the fantasy aspect, though. I’ve had to reject a lot of ideas since they weren’t fantasy-sounding enough. Thanks for the suggestion.

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