[Trilogy] One Month Draft

I have a new draft for Trilogy: An RPG of Epic Fantasy, in time for the one-month Game Chef 2009 submission deadline.

It’s mostly the same as the last draft I posted, but I changed the token economy a bit. I wrote a python script to simulate random bidding, and with the previous arrangement the protagonist was winning far too many scenes and the antagonist was always getting frozen out. I increased the number of tokens that Supporting Characters and Antagonists get from 2 to 3, and the Antagonist can choose to take those tokens as Spotlight, Adversity, or any combination. The results of the random bidding seem to be a bit more equitable, but I will definitely need to try this with human playtesters to see if it’s broken. I’m also a little concerned that I’m getting too many tokens into a chapter now, but that may be counteracted somewhat by the need to burn tokens to introduce new characters. That’s another question that I’ll need playtesting to answer.


One Response to “[Trilogy] One Month Draft”

  1. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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