A brief update

Based on my conversation with Rich Rogers in this Story Games thread about Game Chef, I offer this piece of advice to all my fellow contestants: If you want help from other game chefs, ask for it! There has been a lot of low-level grumbling about the lack of mutual support in this year’s Game Chef, and a lot of people seem to expect everyone else to make the first move. If everyone is waiting for everyone else, nothing happens. Be proactive about making connections. Ask for specific help. Comment on other people’s work. Offer commitments for mutually beneficial arrangements. Do your part to make this the kind of community you want to be a part of. OK, down from my soapbox…

I wrote some scripts to analyze the dice probabilities in Trilogy, but haven’t done any more design work on it. I don’t want to risk building too much on top of a questionable foundation, and I haven’t been able to playtest my basic mechanics yet. My effort to arrange skype playtests among game chefs is making some progress, but isn’t moving with blazing speed. Let me know if anyone else wants to get in on the action!


5 Responses to “A brief update”

  1. Dan,
    Can you script dice probabilities for SPC? I can’t script and I can’t get a straight answer from Troll or whatever on the dice spreads and affects of bonuses.
    Dave M

  2. I can probably run some numbers for you. What kind of analysis are you looking for?

  3. Dan,
    So, there are 3 basic rolls: “roll 3 and keep 3,” “roll 4 and keep 3” and “roll 3, keep 3 and add +1 to one die.” Each face is used independently, so a sum of the three kept is meaningless.
    I tried counting 5 and 6 as a success (not exactly how the game works, but a good benchmark), but my MS Excel skills were not good enough to make the output of that meaningful.
    If you want, e-mail me and I’ll share my Google sheet with you and you can see what I did so far…
    Dave M

  4. You just want to see the probability distribution of that? That’s easy enough to calculate, the trouble is visualizing it. You’re essentially describing a four-dimensional space: the value of each die and the probability of that particular combo occurring. Do you just want a big list? I’m not sure how useful that would be.

  5. Actually, I had an idea that might be a partial solution. I’ll try some experiments later today.

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