Anyone interested in playtesting each other’s games over Skype?

There has been some discussion in the Game Chef commentary threads about the lack of spontaneous organization in the process. I want to see if I can help make some happen. In any creative endeavor the creator is more invested in his or her own work than anyone else, so it can be difficult to get other people to provide the kind of help that the creator wants or needs. One mechanism to overcome this is reciprocal relationships. I may not care about your game as much as I care about mine, and you may not care about my game as much as you care about yours, but if caring about your game will help my game…

So I propose forming a group with some other Game Chef contestants that will playtest the participants’ games with each other over Skype. Is anyone interested?

I’ll be up front in saying I have no RPG design experience before this process, and not a lot of RPG playing experience. However, I do have a lot of free time, so I should be able to schedule a game over Skype pretty easily.

(Also, I think this is kind of an abuse of “crying wolfman”, but I wanted to get some extra visibility on this post, since not everyone is reading every post that goes into the main aggregator).


7 Responses to “Anyone interested in playtesting each other’s games over Skype?”

  1. Great idea.

    Also, dibs!

    I actually wanted to playtest your game anyway (it’s one of the two aside from my own I check daily), so all the more fun for me. This stuff will likely need more coordination, so… I lurk at the #playnow irc channel on There’s a threat about it on storygames somewhere. Alternativelly, my skype’s “anamethatisaname.”

    If anyone else would like their game playtested, poke me. Can’t promise I’ll take up all offers, but I am willing to take them.

  2. I’m up foor it. Take a look at what I have so far written down wise on my blog and drop me a line at my email. My game is done enough in my own head to easily give you instructions to create and play a character in Gnome but I’ll be more then happy to hop on Skype and playtest another game. 🙂

  3. causticbuddhist Says:

    Just being the first one to suggest collaborative playtesting anywhere that I’ve seen should set you up for a special award 😛

    I’ll throw my collective hat into the playtesting bin and not even reallly terribly worried about anyone playtesting mine just yet, I want to finish a step back period before I look at it again (giving myself a fresh prespective).

    A few other free resources you may want to look at for collaborative playtesting are TokBox and Etherpad.

    TokBox is basically skype with up to 20 person video conferance and Etherpad is a single virtual collaborative document that updates all changes to it real tiime.

    I am looking at both of these if I find someone who wants to collaborate on a project..oh well just my thoughts for now.

  4. Dan,
    Yes, how do I get in on this action?
    Dave M

  5. Wow, it’s awesome that there’s interest! I’ll try to contact everyone who’s replied so far to start talking about logistics like when people have time.

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  7. leonora gerxhaliu

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