A possible title, but not much else

I was thinking about titles for my game. I noticed that most of the source material that inspired me, such the The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, and The Sword of Truth had a bit of a pattern going with the names, so I was considering something along the lines of The _____ of _____ for my game. I also wanted to emphasize that the game is about the world changing. The best I came up with along those lines was The Seasons of the World, The Tide of Ages or Alchemy of Ages, but I wasn’t really thrilled with any of them.

The alternative I came up with, which still evokes literary connotations, is Trilogy. That’s going to be my working title.

I’m trying to work on a conflict system, but what I’ve got isn’t working out so far. I was envisioning a system where you use your Spotlight or Adversity tokens to “activate” traits you have on your character sheet to roll into the conflict, but my initial system wasn’t doing much for me, especially since the best move was to just spam your most powerful trait. I’ll need to keep working on it.


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